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  • We produce an extensive line of Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (FIBCs) to meet both large and small volume requirements. Our bags are manufactured from FDA approved materials in a durable woven polypropylene construction with custom features designed to meet every application. Our industry leading brands include Marino Technologies, Rafypak, Walpole Bag, and Atlas Bag.

    Woven Polypropylene Fabric

    Berry Plastics manufactures some of the industry’s most recognized FIBC brands: Marino Technologies, Rafypak, Walpole Bag, and Atlas Bag. But we don’t just make the bags. We also make the exceptionally strong woven polypropylene fabric from which the bag is constructed.  Custom-produced woven polypropylene fabric and webbing is manufactured to meet any specification, color, or application.


    Our VegiBags are ideal for transporting, storing, and selling fruits and vegetables. Our woven leno fabric is lightweight and durable and allows the bag and mesh size to be customized by crop. Full-color graphic bands are available to label and promote crops.

    FIBC Duct Tape

    For industrial, pipeline, HVAC, construction, and general household applications, there isn’t a quality, size, or color of tape we can’t make. That same selection of adhesive tapes is also made available through our FIBC division, including cloth tapes for simple FIBC repairs and patches.


    Our eco-friendly Dust-Tainer is uniquely designed to prevent waste dust from being released into the air. Waste dust enters the fully-contained Dust-Tainer through conventional spouts and chutes and includes a specially designed zipper closure for easy access.


    Our Dri-Bulk? Container Liners are custom-designed, container-sized liners and are an economical and easy option to transport and store truckloads of dry bulk product. They allow users to maximize the use of container space and minimize cleaning in endless industry applications, including agriculture, chemicals, minerals, foods, and plastics.

    Bag Refurbishing

    Since their development more than a generation ago, FIBCs have revolutionized the transport of dry bulk goods of every type. Quite often, a carefully inspected FIBC has the potential to be restored to its original state more than once. Our solution is a logistically simple, completely thorough bag refurbishing program strategically designed to get more use from and to extend the life of your FIBCs.


    AgriBags, agricultural bulk bags are designed with the needs and requirements of modern-day agricultural management in mind. AgriBags incorporate the features and specifications necessary in global farming communities, all while eliminating unnecessary complexity and material waste.