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  • Building and Construction
    Building & Construction

    Building Wraps & Roofing Underlayments

    Our high-performance TYPAR? Weather Protection System is used in the construction of energy-efficient comfortable homes. The damaging impact of moisture intrusion is greatly reduced, while nature’s harshest elements are kept at bay. It’s backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

    Surround? roofing underlayment is made from polyolefin and finished in a cool gray color. It is a unique roofing underlay that meets the most stringent building codes. It is resistant to climate and weather, and it does not stretch or warp.

    We offer multiple air care product solutions to help keep the home smelling clean, from a variety of overcap options, to innovative packaging solutions.

    Visit The TYPAR Website

    Visit The Air-Gard Website


    Our TYPAR? and TERRAM? brand geotextile solutions solve a multitude of problems for construction and landscaping professionals. We offer TYPAR and TERRAM products for ground stabilization,filtration, landscaping, pipe protection, ground and grass reinforcement, and erosion control. Containment options are also available.

    Our geosynthetics replace out-dated building staples like stone, sand, and asphalt. Our products are lighter and easier to install than their mineral counterparts, and reduce required materials, waste created, and the need for heavy construction equipment.

    Pipeline & High Power Cable Protection

    Our Seal For Life business provides the massive oil and gas pipeline industry with high-performance protection, field of corrosion prevention, waterproofing, and insulation.

    Our Geca-Tapes brand range of specialty tapes, yarns, and binders for the high power cable industry is recognized worldwide.

    These products are complemented by TERRAM-branded detectable and underground warning tapes and meshes for plastic and fiber-optic cables.